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75 Dollars Before Payday: How to Make It Happen

Are you counting down the days until payday, anxiously waiting for your next paycheck to arrive? If you find yourself in need of some extra cash before your next payday, don't worry – you're not alone. Many people experience financial stress in between paychecks, but there are ways to make it through. Here are some tips for getting 75 dollars before payday.

1. Sell some things you no longer need

Take a look around your home – do you have any items that you don't need or use anymore? Consider selling them online through websites like eBay or Craigslist, or even at a local consignment shop. You may be surprised at how much money you can make by parting with some of your possessions.

2. Take on odd jobs or side gigs

Do you have skills that could be useful to others? Consider offering your services as a freelancer or taking on some odd jobs around your community. You could mow lawns, walk dogs, or even babysit for some extra cash. Look online for platforms like Upwork or Fiverr to find work that you can do remotely.

3. Consider a payday loan

If you need cash quickly, a payday loan might be a viable option. However, be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions of the loan before signing anything. Payday loans often come with high interest rates and fees, so be sure that you can afford to pay them back before taking out any loan.

4. Ask for a cash advance on your paycheck

If you have a good relationship with your employer, you may be able to ask for a cash advance on your paycheck. This is not a guaranteed option, but it's worth asking if you're in a bind. Keep in mind that you will need to pay back the advance with your next paycheck.

5. Use a peer-to-peer lending platform

Peer-to-peer lending platforms like Lending Club or Prosper can be a great way to get a loan quickly. These platforms connect borrowers with individual investors who are willing to lend money. While interest rates may be higher than traditional loans, the application process is easy and fast.

6. Participate in online surveys or focus groups

Participating in online surveys or focus groups can be a simple way to earn some extra cash. Companies are always looking for consumer opinions, and they are willing to pay for them. Check out websites like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie to get started.

7. Rent out a spare room on Airbnb

If you have an extra room in your home that you're not using, consider renting it out on Airbnb. This can be a great way to earn some extra cash, especially if you live in a popular travel destination. Just be sure to check with your local laws and regulations before becoming a host.


There are many ways to get 75 dollars before payday, and these are just a few of them. Remember to always be mindful of the terms and conditions of any loan or gig that you take on, and don't take on more than you can afford to pay back. With some creativity and hustling, you can make it through to your next paycheck without too much stress.

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