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Does Postmates accept cash?

Postmates is a courier and delivery service that has been in operations since 2011. It has transformed the way people shop by offering a delivery platform for groceries, clothing, and meals from restaurants that don't typically offer delivery. With its easy-to-use mobile app, Postmates has quickly become a popular way for customers to order and receive the goods they need. However, many people may wonder whether or not Postmates accepts cash as a payment method.

No, Postmates does not accept cash.

Postmates is a cashless delivery service. Customers must pay through the mobile app using a valid debit or credit card. The company uses cutting-edge technology to process payments securely. Therefore, any form of payment that is not accepted through the app is not acceptable. On the other hand, Postmates provides customers with a contactless delivery option. Customers can choose to have their orders left at their doorstep or their preferred delivery location to avoid physical interaction with the courier or delivery person. This provides an extra layer of safety, especially during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Why Postmates Doesn't Allow Cash Payments

The primary reason why Postmates doesn't accept cash is to ensure the safety of its customers and courier partners. Cash payments can be risky as it makes both courier partners and customers vulnerable to theft. For courier partners, it means carrying around significant sums of cash around as they make their deliveries. This can lead to theft or robbery, putting both their life and the cash at risk. Similarly, for customers, cash payments would require them to carry cash around, which can be a target for theft or loss. By not accepting cash, Postmates eliminates the risk associated with cash payments. Additionally, Postmates is a completely modern, online-based platform. It is designed to make the delivery process as seamless as possible. Cash payments can be cumbersome, slow down the delivery process and introduce complexities such as change-making, and the like. Postmates opts for a hassle-free, completely digital transaction process to ensure prompt delivery.

How to Make Payments with Postmates

Postmates allows customers to make payments with a credit or debit card authorized by the company. When you place an order on the app, the card on file will be charged the total cost of the order, including the delivery fee and any applicable taxes. If you are a frequent user of the app, you might want to consider the Postmates Unlimited subscription plan. This plan provides you with all-round benefits, including free delivery. For an annual fee of $99 or a monthly fee of $9.99, you can enjoy unlimited deliveries without any delivery fee of any kind.


In conclusion, Postmates is a cashless delivery service. Customers must make payments through the app using a debit or credit card authorized by the company. It eliminates the risk associated with cash payments and provides a seamless, quick delivery service. By using Postmates, you can enjoy the convenience of goods and meals delivered straight to your doorstep without the worries of theft or the hassle of carrying cash.

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